Advanced Manufacturing and Informationization

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Program Infomation

The major is interdisciplinary discipline with mechanical engineering, computer science and technology, software engineering, and information and communication engineering. The discipline to cultivate highly sophisticated talents of advanced manufacturing and information technology aiming for scientific research and technical services, focus on the theory and applied technology research in digital design and manufacturing, computer intelligent detection technology and intellisense processing and computing based on information technology.

Enrollment Advantage

Main courses
Database Design and Realization
Transaction processing and DBS performance tuning
Advanced database technologies
Advanced Computer Architecture
Modern Computer Network
Parallel Processing
Theory and Technology of Information Storage
Computer System Design
Operating System Analysis and Designs
Mobile Network and Ubiquitous Computing
Computer System Performance Evaluation
Computability and Computational Complexity
Software Design and Development
Modern Information Retrieval

Major Specialties
Digital Design and Manufacturing
Computer intelligent detection technology
IntelliSense and Computing

Graduation Orientation
The master graduate of this major has independently creative scientific research ability in Computer Engineering discipline or related field, mainly work on the field of Computer Engineering and Technology design, research, education, management, investment and so on. The master graduates can engage in teaching, scientific research design and technology management work in the institutions ofColleges and universities, scientific research and design institutes, enterprises units.
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