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For Self-financed International Students

For Self-financed International Students

1. Application Fee: RMB 400 Yuan or USD80 or EUR50.

2. Books and Learning Materials: RMB 300 for Chinese language program students and RMB 600 Yuan for bachelor’s degree programs students should be transferred to ZUST’s designated bank account in advance per semester. The university will return the overcharge and demand payment of the shortage.

3. Tuition Fees:

  (1) Study Tour Program: Fees depend on the tailored programs.

  (2) Chinese Language Program: RMB 6,500 Yuan/semester.

  (3) HSK Training Course: RMB 2,000 Yuan.

  (4) Short-term Chinese Language Program: RMB 3600 Yuan for about 2 months.

  (5) General Advanced Study Program: The same as bachelor’s degree program.

 (6) Chinese-taught Bachelor’s Degree Program: RMB 15,000 Yuan/academic year, and RMB 18,000 Yuan/academic year for Arts programs.

  (7) English-taught Bachelor’s Degree Program: 

  RMB 16,000 Yuan/academic year for English-taught majors of International Economics & Trade and International Marketing. 

  RMB 18,000 Yuan/academic year for English-taught majors of Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology (Information Technology), Information and Computational Science (Statistics and Financial Actuarial Science), Food Science and Engineering, Communication Engineering

  (8) Chinese-taught Master’s Degree Program: RMB 21,000 Yuan/academic year.

  (9) English-taught Master’s Degree Program: RMB 25,000 Yuan/academic year.

4. Accommodation:

  1) On-campus Single Room: RMB 1200 Yuan/month (1-student shared), including water bill and internet bill. Electricity bills should be paid by students themselves.

  2) On-campus Double-bed Room: RMB 600 Yuan/month/person (2-student shared), including water bill and internet bill. Electricity bills should be paid by students themselves.

  3) Off-campus Single Room: 800 Yuan/month (1-student shared).

  4) Off-campus Double Room: RMB 400 Yuan/month/person (2-student shared).

  5) Room Deposit: RMB 1000 Yuan. It will be returned if all equipments are in good condition when students check out.

  There are bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, bookshelf, TV (on-campus room only), refrigerator (on-campus room only), air conditioner, heater (on-campus room only), shower in the room, public washing machine and public kitchen.

5. Insurance Fee: RMB 400 Yuan for half an academic year or 800 Yuan for a year. All students are required to purchase local insurance.

6. Beddings: RMB 300~400 Yuan/person

7. Electricity Fee Prepaid: RMB 1000 Yuan per semester.

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