Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering

Duration 2.5 years
Starting Date March/September
Tuition Fee / Year ¥25,000 (RMB)
Teaching Language English

Program Infomation

The master's program of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering focuses on the area of intelligent equipment technology,manufacturing system informatization, intelligent sensing and control technology, aims to train high-quality and professionallyinternational talents in control engineering and mechanical engineering for the international students.

Enrollment Advantage
Intelligent manufacturing and control engineering is set up based on the department of Automation and Electrical Engineering (AEE), which is one of the first specialties established in ZUST and now has four specialties: Electrical engineering and automation, Automation, Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments, Building electrical and Intelligent.
AEE is the key department of Sino German government level cooperation project. Electrical engineering and automation is theexperimental majors of the “Excellent Engineers Education Training Plan” of China Ministry of Education.Automation is the provincial key constructive specialty of Zhejiang Province.Control theory and control engineering (Automation) is the provincial key constructivediscipline of Zhejiang Province.Building electrical and intelligent is Featured Specialty of Zhejiang Province.

Main courses
Linear System Theory
Pattern Recognition
Signals and Systems
System Identification
Intelligent Control Technology
Modern Electric Drive and Control
Embedded System
Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology
Industrial Robot Technology
Photoelectric Detection Technology
Numerical Control Technology
The Principle and Application of Modern Sensor
Mechatronics Technology

Major Specialties
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Control Engineering
Robot Technology
Sensor Technology

Graduation Orientation
The master graduate of this major has independently creative scientific research ability in Intelligent Manufacturing and Controldiscipline or related field, mainly works on the field of Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Control Engineering, Robot design,research, development and so on.
The master graduate can engage in teaching, scientific research and technology management works in the institutions of university orenterprise.
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