International business

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Master Program of International Business

International business is an interdiscipline which covers international economy and engineering economy. This discipline mainly studies environment and risk of international business, technological innovation and management of international engineering, investment and financing decision of international business and so on. The goal of this program is to train high-level, interdisciplinary, and application-oriented talents who grasp the solid theories and professional knowledge in the fields of international business and management, understand the frontiers of this discipline, have the knowledge of engineering technology and international business and also the business practice ability.

This program is offered by School of Economics and Management. The length of study is 3 years which includes 1-1.5 years of course studying.

Main Courses

Intermediate Macroeconomics

Intermediate Microeconomics

Intermediate Econometrics

Intercultural Business Communication

International Settlements

International Project Investment and Financing

Engineering Economy

Classic Cases Analysis of Zhejiang Business Venture

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